Limerick - Ireland

Limerick, is located on the west coast of Ireland only a few kilometres from Shannon international airport.

Once outside the terminal, a few metres up the road you will find the bus stop where a shuttle bus runs into the centre on Limerick. The cost for a one way adult ticket is IR£ 3.70.

The bus will take you across the Shannon River and into Limerick, the final stop being at the Bus and Railway centre in the south east of the city. From here it is an easy walk to most places in Limerick.

My accommodation in Limerick was at :

The Jury's Inn
Lower Marlow Street

Looking across the River Shannon to Jury's Inn

Once I had settled in I set out to explore the city. I crossed the Shannon bridge to the western side of the River Shannon and headed north along O'Callaghan's Strand. Not finding too much of interest on this side of the river a crossed back across Sarsfield Bridge into the city and continued north.

After passing Customs House I entered the grounds of St Mary's Cathedral on Bridge Street.

St Mary's Cathedral

The cathedral is the oldest continuously used building in the town. It was founded in the 12th century where the palace of one of the Kings of Munster, Donal Mor O'Brien once stood.

St Mary's Cathedral

St Mary's Cathedral

Continuing further north from St Mary's Cathedral you will find King John's Castle.

Old Main Gate of King John's Castle

The castle was built around 1200 for Prince John, Lord or Ireland. Today the castle is home to an excellent museum and historical exhibit. The major historical story of the castle is told on the two floors of the interpretive centre at the entrance to the castle. You can enter the old main gate and climb to the battlements that overlook Castle Street.

Battlements - King John's Castle

Battlements looking down on Castle Street

If you continue along the battlement towards the river you will be greeted with a magnificent panoramic view of the city and surrounding countryside.

View from NW Tower - King John's Castle

Looking to the North from Castle

River Shannon flowing below Castle

Looking back inside the castle you will see the archaeological excavations that were carried out between 1993-1995. If you proceed back down to the ground level and have a close look at these excavations you will also find the sallyport, which was a side entrance to the castle.

Sallyport - King John's Castle

When you have finished at the Castle proceed west across Thomond bridge. Across the river you will find the Treaty Stone.

King John's Castle from western side of River Shannon

Treaty Stone

Continue back across the Thomond Bridge to the eastern side of the River Shannon and proceed south but this time along the water's edge. This will take you past the Civic Centre, City Hall and Court House. You should also be lucky enough to capture some great views of St Mary's Cathedral again.

St Mary's Cathedral

As you head south you should find the Hunt Museum near Custom House. It contains many fine examples of European art and antiquities.

Street in Limerick

I only stayed in Limerick for about a day and a half. I found this more than enough to see everything that was on offer, in my opinion.

On the way to the station

Bidding Limerick farewell I walked to the train station and boarded a train to continue my trip.

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